Sometimes a Stain is a Stain

Buy Your Side Water Intrustion Garage DoorAs home inspectors we often make comments about conditions that have happened in the past but are not present at the time of inspection.

As example, so we may note in the home inspection report a stain on the ceiling and that it was not wet (or wet, if it is so) at the time of inspection. corrected condition … or that it’s seasonal and/or otherwise not duplicated during our home inspection.

Based on our findings and experience, we may further suggest the area be watched for continued moisture or that it simply be painted. Our recommendations will vary from property to property, but they’ll usually be noted in the our home inspection report.

Doing so assures that everyone involved in the real estate transaction is aware of the observation and recommended remedy.

Recommendations will be as varied as the stains themselves.  But they generally will be noted on the home inspection report.  This protects everyone involved in the transaction/inspection.

Stains around floor drains that might be consistent with water backing up out of the drain or flooding of the drain due to poor drainage.  High water marks in crawl spaces and mud  that indicates ponding in front of or under the garage door generally are noted as well.

Again, noting these observations is good for everyone involved because it paints a picture that’s deeper than what may be observable at the time of the inspection. It’s not about nitpicking or predicting future concerns, it’s about being thorough even when it may not be impossible to determine if remedies are successful or if they’ve been done at all.

Painting with a broader brush usually better illuminate the big picture.

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