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Buy Your Side Home Inspection NegotiationSometimes, as a result of reviewing the home inspection report you should run the other way. Most of the time, the inspection will give you the tools you need to further sales negotiations with the seller or adjust your budget to make the house move-in ready.

Your report will give you a list of items that need to be fixed or replaced – mostly minor – so you can secure estimates and get a realistic picture of financial implications.  Here a couple of things to be aware of:

  • Wading Through the Technical Jargon – Home inspection reports are loaded with “tech talk” that can be intimidating to some. If you have any questions about what’s being said ask for plain language clarification. For instance, a commonly noted defect is “reversed polarity at wall receptacle.” While this sounds onerous, it simply means that two wires are installed backwards and it’s something an electrician can fix in just a couple of minutes.
  • Overwhelmingly Long List of Minor Defects – A list of easy-to-remedy defects may take up a page or two of the report summary but it’s quite possible that 33 of 35 items notes are simple things. Sort through your report to identify the big defects on which to base your decision, and pass over things like a missing electric receptacle cover plate or leaves backing up the gutter.
  • Suffering from “Perfect Home” Syndrome – Searching for and buying your home can be a very emotional experience. Sometimes, there’s a tendency to think of the home you’ve set sights on is near perfect … especially if you’re a first-time buyer. If you think you’ve found your ideal home, we nearly always find a couple of defects. Don’t let your emotional response to the house’s lack of perfection get in the way of your purchase of a very acceptable house that really may be ideal for you.
  • Give yourself enough time after the home inspection to reflect on the items covered in your report and, perhaps, get a few contractor estimates so you have them as part of your consideration set. Try to schedule the inspection as early as possible during inspection period.

Having time and information on your side will help you render your best possible decision. We inspect every house as of our founder’s mama was moving in. We’re BUY YOUR SIDE. Call today: 407.780.0911

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