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Osceola Home InspectionDo you own or live in a home that is more than 30 years old? If so, you may find that the insurance companies you do business with now require an inspection of your home before they will issue you an insurance policy.

Osceola county is steeped with numerous older homes that are definitely over 30 years old, so we are often asked to prepare 4-point inspection reports for the owners of such homes. The home’s age at which a 4-point inspection is requested depends on which insurance carrier you are dealing with. More than 30-years old is the threshold in which some companies require an inspection,  while others are more lenient and don’t require an inspection until the home is 40 or even 50 years old. One company,  Citizen’s Insurance is an example of an insurance company who now requires a four-point inspection for both new policies and renewals of homes or mobile homes that have reached thirty years old.
What I tell people in the community all the time is that i inspect homes as if my momma was moving in… and I mean it. If you’ve been in a home for 25 or 30 years I recommend an inspection. You may not realize a few things. For one, you can save money with some upgrades. Wind mitigation inspections can really save the homeowner money. Insurance companies basically reward homeowners who have correct hurricane protection in their roofing structure. You may or may not meet the requirements that the insurance company asks for… but ether way you want your roof to be adequately sound during the stormy weather we receive in Osceola County.

I also inspect electric and HVAC systems. I see fire hazards everyday in my profession. Remember, I inspect homes like my mama is moving in. I want you to be safe and electrical and HVAC systems after many years can become dangerous, not to mention inefficient. I help people know what they need… not what a sales person says they need.
I inspect the water systems as well… if you have ever seen water damage in a home you know what water damage can do….

So what I am saying is… I am on your side… or as my company says… Buy Your Side! Call me at 407.780.0911 or just contact me here!

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