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Buy Your Side Moisture-Intrustion-Water-Damage-Interior-EvidenceVigilant homeowners recently spotted what they thought was dirt blowing into their home around a window. Upon inspection of their vinyl sided home, they were surprised to learn that moisture intrusion was the culprit.

Luckily for them, the home wasn’t sided with stucco. Because it was just vinyl siding, which does a fairly good job of allowing the wall to dry out, the damage was far less severe. If this had been stucco, the damage likely would have been much more extensive; the repairs, much more expensive.

The only visible evidence of this water damage was little black flecks that had made their way through the window and landed on the carpet.  I suspect those were little pieces of rotted wall sheathing blowing into the home during periods of heavy wind, but I’m not 100% sure.

This is the type of damage that home buyers try to avoid when buying any home, and this is why some home buyers choose to have moisture testing performed on homes with vinyl siding.  Vinyl does a great job of hiding this kind of damage.

If you’re buying a home with vinyl siding or you already own a home with vinyl siding and there is concern about water intrusion, have moisture testing performed.  Vinyl sided homes with no moisture barrier should always raise concern, but moisture intrusion can still occur when a moisture barrier is present.

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Buy Your Side Home RepairThousands of real estate transactions happen on daily basis in and around Osceola County and it’s important for homebuyers to protect themselves in as many ways they can. One of the simplest is to hire a home inspector. Home inspection offers both the immediate and long term benefits to the homebuyer. It can also be beneficial for the home-seller as it can avoid deal-breakers. If the issues and problems can be resolved before being identified by a potential buyer, the home-seller has more chances in getting their asking price.

Benefits to the Homebuyer

Homebuyers invest a sizable chunk of money to buy a home. It’s important to identify any deficiencies that may cost extra money and stress – an inspection by a qualified third-party will disclose the facts. All the major and minor defects are revealed. In some cases there may be critical structural defects that may be as good as rebuilding the house. There can be some problems related to the safety of occupants, and buyers may find they’re not able to use the house at all until those are taken care of. Or, the defects may eat away a lot of money and time to rectify them.

Another benefit home inspection offers is that the homebuyer can get quotes for needed repairs and use them to negotiate the price with the home-seller. Moreover, a home inspection eliminates buyers’ remorse about problems later on.

The home inspector checks and reports about ins and outs of the property: areas like basement, structural, construction and safety issues, roof condition, electrical, water lines and heating, air conditioning or ventilation systems. This gives notice to the homebuyers what needs attention to repair or replace and they can get quotes and fully evaluate the costs involved, giving them the ability to plan what should be done when and make their budget.

Benefits to the Home-Seller

A home-seller also benefits from a home inspection as it helps avoid problems later on. Before listing the house for sale, a home inspection helps the seller recognize the potential problems with the home so they can be addressed before showing the property to potential buyers. The home-seller can prepare for the sale of the home, reduce problems and get a better price.

They can also eliminate the chance of over-inflated estimates presented by the buyers at the time of the negotiations. Multiple quotes for repairs can be obtained, and a job can be done properly as well as help avoid making urgent repairs two weeks before closing. Most importantly, all issues and problems are resolved before a potential homebuyer shows up. Home-sellers not ready to allow inspection, and firm on price reduce the likelihood of a sale.



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Osceola Home InspectionThese are some of  the red flags that should send a Central Florida home buyer back to the negotiating table…

1. Wood Destroying Organisms: Termites and other pests that can damage and destroy your home: The home you have suddenly fallen in love with may also be adored by a family of wood destroying central florida termites. It’s vital to know of the presence of Termites and to immediately develop a plan to either remove these wood destroying organism, or rethink your potential home purchase. The same goes for other wood-devouring pests like powder-post beetles. Removing these pests are  of course the first step. Buy Your Side Home Inspections in Central Florida, and specifically in Osceola County, is connected with the best in Pest Control services. The decisions you make at this juncture is paramount in dealing with Central Florida based Termites.

2. Water Damage and Drainage issues: Poor drainage can lead to extensive wood rot throughout your home, or your potential home purchase. Problems are usually caused by missing, improperly installed or damaged gutters and downspouts. Improper grading can lead to water standing or actually seeping into the home. In Central Florida water damage in the home is frequent and serious problem. Mold growth, pest invasion, wood rot and many other issues are a direct result of water damage taking place around our homes. Prevention and quick reaction to water issues is imperative to protect your osceola, brevard, polk and seminole county florida home. If you are buying a home and water damage is evident, a thorough inspection and investigation is a must!

3. The Presence of Mold in Central Florida Homes: Where moisture builds up or seeps into a home, so grows mold, a threat to human health as well as to a Central Florida home’s actual condition and structure. Improper ventilation can be the culprit in smaller, more contained spaces, such as bathrooms. But think twice about buying a property where mold is pervasive — that’s a sign of long-term moisture issues and should send up one of the largest red flags possible. Home Inspectors are equipped and experienced in discovering Mold. Don’t trust your eyes or those attempting to sell you a house. It’s buyers beware in a major way when it comes to mold!

4. Faulty Home Foundation: A cracked or crumbling foundation calls for immediate attention and repair, with costs that can range  from moderate to hugely expensive. Water seeping into the home, wood destroying organisms, structural integrity and  potential high utility expenses are directly related to a faulty foundation.

These 4 red flags are literally frightening for the typical home owner or home buyer. Call Tommy Joynes for help. His experience in discover the most minute home inspection issue is unparalleled in Central Florida. Call 407.780.0911 today for the best in Oseola County, Brevard County, Orange County and Polk County Home Inspectors.

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Buy Your Side Opening-in-panel-cover

Defects are simply areas that we identify in a home inspection that present a safety hazard or need repair to properly function. Electrical issues usually present safety concerns for obvious reasons.

When you look at your home electrical panel, you’re used to seeing the metal plate screwed to the front it. This is called a deadfront. While you’re accustomed to seeing it in your home with circuit breakers arranged in two rows protruding through an opening in the plate, the panel is actually manufactured as a solid plate that is perforated with rectangular shapes called knock outs or twist outs.

As your home inspector, we’ll tell you an electrician can twist and snap individual knock outs and remove as many as needed to accommodate the number of circuit breakers that are being installed in the panel. The result is an installation with no openings in the front of the panel assuring that live wire connections or the metal bus bars that run down the back of panel box and connect the breakers to the electric service cannot be touched when the panel door is opened.

If too many knock outs are removed or a breaker is removed from the panel, you can hire an electrician to remedy the issue. Also, you can purchase plastic blanks at any hardware store and snap them into the opening created in the deadfront. Be certain the main breaker bringing electrical service into the home is OFF before you attempt any repair in the electrical box.

Because a missing knock out allows the possibility of electric shock, it is a safety defect that your home inspector will call out in an inspection report.

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