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Does Your Attic Measure Up?

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Home Heat Loss

Home Heat Loss

Insulating your attic will help keep your heating and cooling from going through the roof and your wallet. Keep in mind that insulation can compress over time, become less effective and may need to be replaced. Adequate insulation will keep unwanted heat out of your home, reduce the workload on your cooling system and save money on your electric bill.

Grab a ruler or tape measure and a flashlight and go into your attic to measure the depth of the insulation at the attic entry. After measuring, use this guide as a rule-of-thumb to determine if more insulation is needed.

•Fiberglass (paper-backed blankets with the R-value printed on the blanket): less than 3.5 inches

•Fiberglass (pink or white with a loose or coarse texture): less than 5 inches

•Cellulose (gray with a fine soft texture): less than 3 inches

R-value measures resistance to heat flow through a specified thickness of material. The higher the R-value of insulation, the better. According to OUC, “unless the existing insulation is damaged, deteriorated or contaminated with mold or pests, it’s not usually necessary to remove the material before adding more insulation. New cellulose insulation can be installed over existing fiberglass insulation, and new fiberglass insulation can be installed over existing cellulose insulation.”

Most utility companies offer rebates and incentives programs to help cover the cost of installing recommended levels of attic or roof insulation. Typically, the request for rebates must be made within twelve months of installation.

You can use an online zip code insulation calculator such as the one provided by the Department of Energy to determine the recommended attic R-value for your specific region, age of the home, method of heating and home construction.

Although you could install insulation yourself with the proper protection and equipment, it’s generally recommended that you hire a licensed contractor who can recommend the type and value of insulation that works best for your home’s age and construction.

Buy Your Side Home Inspections has been inspecting homes and businesses in Central Florida, and specifically Osceola County, for many years. When it comes to serving St. Cloud, Kissimmee, Poinciana, and all of Osceola County, your home inspection satisfaction comes first. We are Buy Your Side every step of the way! For all your inspection needs, call 407.780.0911.

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Osceola Ai Conditioning InspectorDo we go to extreme measures to access rooftops where the air conditioning systems are? Yes we do! We inspect them like my mama’s going to move in! We do it because that’s what the job calls for, an I love what I do. I take great pride in inspecting homes, whether it be for a home buyer, or a home seller or someone who has been in their house for many years and wants to make sure all is safe and sound.

I believe I can safely say that there’s not a harder working home inspector in Osceola County. Call us today at 407.780.0911.

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Air Handler Mystery

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St. Cloud Home Inspection

Yes, It’s true… homeowners sometime try to hide things from the home inspector… but we are tireless in our task of uncovering hidden issues, so this AC handler was no match for me as I was scouring the property for potential issues within the property.

Now, in all seriousness… most people are honest and are just trying to increase the value of their home prior to the sale, but we are committed to making sure we don’t miss any potential issues with the home. It’s what we do and we do it as if our mama’s were moving in!

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We Leave No Stone Unturned!

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Osceola Water Heater InspectionThis is one more reason why it’s a must to have a home inspector inspect your home before you buy. We call this the leaning heater of p’ana.

Purchasing a home is often the largest investment a family will make in their lives. It’s a very serious decision and commitment and having an adequate amount of information about the house you’re considering is paramount if you want the decision to be a good one.

At Buy Your Side Home Inspections we leave no stone unturned s they say. In the photo in this post you can see that we inspect thoroughly and efficiently… no matter  the age of the home!

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