Summer is Coming – Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Osceola County Wind mitigationSummer is nearly here so Central Florida homeowners are looking for accurate wind mitigation inspections in order to potentially reduce their homeowners insurance. In other words, by presenting their Osceola County, Lake County, Brevard County or Polk County homeowner’s insurance company with the effects of wind mitigation evaluations, it might be possible to save in the price of insuring their florida home.

If you’re in the market for this type of home inspection service, you’ll find Buy Your Side Home Inspection provides the highest quality in Central Florida home inspection at very affordable rates. For years owner Tommy Joynes has been letting people know that they can count on him “inspecting each home like his mama was moving in.”

Wind Mitigation Inspections are available for all single family homes, townhouses, condos and commercial buildings. Homeowner and Condo Associations also qualify for wind mitigation credits.

Insurance companies in Florida are required to recognize submitted Wind Inspections performed by qualified home inspection companies and will provide discounts based upon the construction and/or mitigation features of your home or commercial building.

Wind Mitigation inspection can potentially  save you  between 5% to 82% on your wind insurance premiums. There are currently 9  discounts available through wind mitigation and we search for all nine to help you get the best discount possible.

Click here for the 9 discounts available that could save you money!


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