The Inspector Is Coming – What You Need To Do

Prepare For Your Home Inspection

Prepare For Your Home Inspection

You’re selling your home and a Home Inspection has been scheduled as part of the sales process.  What can you, the seller, do to prepare and ensure a smooth inspection? Here are a twelve steps you can take:

  1. Clean the House. Sounds like a “no-brainer” but a clean home says how much you care and take care of your home.
  2. Be on time. Have your home inspection-ready at the set appointment time. Many inspectors are even early and begin their inspection on the home’s exterior so don’t be running around the house in a bath towel.
  3. Leave the utilities connected if the home is vacant. The Inspector needs to check appliances and receptacles. If the utilities aren’t on, the inspection will need to rescheduled which could delay the closing process.
  4. Remove barriers. Provide clear access to the furnace, air conditioner and water heater and that’s the area is free of clutter.
  5. Provide access to garage and attic. Don’t give the Inspector an obstacle course to navigate.
  6. Leave the remote controls for your garage door opener or a key if the garage is unattached to the house.
  7. Clear brush away from your home’s exterior foundation.
  8. Move trash cans away from the house.
  9. Prepare to be away from your home for about three hours. Potential buyers may be uncomfortable in asking questions during the inspection if the seller is present. It’s a good idea to take your children and your pets with you. Crate your pets if you can’t take them with you or place them in a secured area of the home and be sure your Inspector knows ahead of time.
  10. Replace any burned out light bulbs.
  11. Change the filters in your heating and cooling system.
  12. Check to make sure smoke detectors are operating.

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